Culinary German Week

Some of our local hotels tend to celebrate different cultures throughout their culinary outlets, but every now and then we get an astonishing elaborate festivity that highlights a certain cuisine. I heard about a German week of culinary perfection starting up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Amman and I decided that I definitely should be part of that event. After realizing that the German ambassador himself will be doing the cooking, it was set. I went and as any foodie would be awaiting to explore and see what is offered.

As soon as you get in you are welcomed by the calming sound of  the harp with soft music being played. Lead to the table and offered some lovely german beer was a great kick off for the evening. The setting is really inviting to go around and try the different tastes and bites here and there, so for starters I wanted to experiment with cold cuts and a light salad which had been put out in an inviting way cut at your order by the station chef.



Fresh bread station with whole grain bread loaves and fresh baked goods. The main dishes station was busy where the ambassador and the visiting chef Axel were whipping up great dishes for everyone to enjoy.



As for the main dish I went for a mixture of salt crusted rib eye beef, bratwurst sausages, Sauerkraut and beef with red currant sauce accompanied with a lovely multi grain bread slice. 









To finish off that beautiful meal was a variety of desserts that would just complete your gastronomical adventure. A lovely almond cake filled with a yummy custard (I sincerely do not know the name of it)



I suggest you get your chance to indulge in this absolute culinary experience that is totally worth every bite.


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