Aubergine Gratin, Oui Merci!



    Sometimes you get one of these days that you don’t exactly want to have meat but craving something rich and warm to savour. I guess it is one of these days today and I could not think of a better dish to enjoy on this sunny beautiful day.

    To make the gratin you need:

    2 Aubergines

    1/2 Cup Cooking Cream

    2 Cloves Of Garlic (Mashed)

    30 ml Olive Oil

    ¾ Tsp. Salt

    ¾ Tsp. Black Pepper (Ground)

    1 Small Onion (Sliced Thin)

    ¾ Tsp. Italian Herbs (Oregano, Basil)

    2 Large Tomatoes (Sliced Thin)

    ½ Cup Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)

    ½ Cup Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)

    Slice your aubergine into 1cm thickness slices lining them up in your baking pan. Mix the garlic with the oil and sprinkle the salt and pepper over the aubergine roasting them till they turn golden, cover them with onions and half the amount of herbs along with the tomatoes and cream then another layer of aubergines. We repeat the previous step and finish with a layer of aubergines covered in cheese. Cook it in the over for 20 min before you uncover it and let the cheese get a golden color.

    You can certainly serve it with a side of green salad that would just bring out the flavor and fill you up with goodness.



    PS: The photos are not mine, I shall replace them with mine soon as they are ready.

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