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    All I can think of today is that I need something sweet and crunchy to munch away during this stressful day at work. Something that would go well with a cup of tea and make everything seem okay. I guess all I truly need is a couple of my  healthy cranberry hazelnut cookies.

    To make these yummies you need:

    – 50 g Unsalted Butter (Softened)

    – 40 g Sugar

    – 25 g Soft Brown Sugar

    – 1 Egg Beaten

    – 150 g Self-Raising Flour

    – 50 g rolled oats

    – 50 g Dried Cranberries

    – 40 g Toasted Chopped Hazelnuts

    – 1/4 Tsp Vanilla Essence

    Dried Cranberries

    Beat the butter, sugars, egg and vanilla essence till they are smooth in a bowl. Add your flour, oats along with the cranberry and hazelnuts to the mix and stir to combine them. Now spoon the mixture on to a baking sheet (waxed sheets so it won’t stick to the baking pan) and try flattening it a bit with the spoon.

    Bake them at 180 degrees for around 6 min until they are golden brown, transfer them onto a cooling rack and of course enjoy responsibly. Overdosing is common.

    Loving Wishes To All


    PS: The photos are not mine, I shall replace them with mine soon as they are ready.

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