Linguine From Under The Sea


    Growing up my parents had many Italian friends who as you know just like Arabs have the tendency to over feed their family and friends. Their food as you know is mainly Pasta or Pizza in countless ways, shapes and forms. My father’s best friend would visit from Italy and come over to cook for us, it would be an amazing treat since he would bring some of the ingredients with him specially the Parmesan cheese blocks.

    As I got older I realized pasta can be one of the quickest dishes you can make and pretty appealing to most. After cooking for years you only figure you are getting good at it, when your Italian friends invite you over to cook pasta for them, to me it was the ultimate testimony. After collecting ideas from friends they have all agreed that I should do the seafood pasta recipe, so here we go:

    – 1 Packet Of Linguine (This pasta is flat, thin)

    – 1 Fish Fillet (250 grams chopped to cubes)

    – 8 Large Shrimps (Cleaned but I like to keep the heads on)

    – 2 Calamaris (Cut into rings)

    – 1 Octopus (Cleaned and chopped)

    – 3 Garlic Cloves (Chopped Fine)

    – 3 Large Tomatoes (Chopped Fine)

    – A Dash Of White Wine (Optional) (The rest of the bottle can certainly go for setting the mood)

    – Some Olive Oil

    – 1 Lemon Juice

    – Oregano

    – Salt & Pepper

    – Parmesan Cheese (For serving)

    Follow the instructions on your linguine packet to make it, soon as it finishes al dente drain the water cool it with cold water and then add a dash of olive oil and toss it all well. Do not cover it and make sure it doesn’t have water left at the bottom (you don’t want soggy pasta). While your pasta is cooking you should be ready to make your sauce as this dish is super quick and easy (over cooked fish is a bad idea).

    2013-10-10 11.57.12

    Get a wide pan and put a little olive oil in with your chopped garlic, as soon as you smell the beautiful aroma add your fish fillet (don’t ever touch those fillet cubes before they cook nicely as they would break to pieces). Add your shrimps and keep the heat low, adding to the mix your calamari rings and prepared octopus, raise the temperature and add the dash of wine and start pacing your tomatoes into the mix. Let your tomatoes cook and add a spoon of lemon juice to your sauce, then you can sprinkle oregano followed by salt and pepper to your liking. You can tell as soon as your shrimps are done for they shrink and change color, so will the calamari and the octopus.

    ((A beautiful serving of the dish but this person added mussels))

    To impress whoever you are serving this dish to grab your pasta with your tongs and as you drop the pasta into the plate start slowly turning it around and you will notice your pasta would center itself like a nest in the middle. Now top it with your beautiful sauce creation and leave some extra lemon juice available for use and leave the grated Parmesan to your guests liking.

    Remember this dish can be altered to any seafood ingredients you fancy, you can also use the frozen mix but wash it with cold water first (never hot as seafood is delicate and might just cook). Most importantly and above all I learnt that if you sprinkle that little passion into the mix, you would get the best results anyone can wish for.

    Warm Wintery Wishes To All


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    1. Wow… this looks extremely delish! I’m gonna have to try it.. do you know a specific seafood market that sells fresh seafood, as generally all I could find is frozen? Thanks! 🙂

      • Lara, you can certainly find fresh fish at the big markets alike miles and spinnys, probably you already know there is oceans fish shop in Abdallah Gosheh St

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