San Francisco In a Bite & a Cup (2)


I know it took me a while before I got to write my second part of SF trip but there was a series of mishaps that happened to stop me from getting to it, but hey better late than never because this list is of a high caliber places sort of speak and definitely worth writing up.

As I recall my last post ended with me having a late breakfast at a cafe, as my sister caught up with me there we decided to enjoy the market that was set up and check the items at display which was both fun and funny (I kept losing my sister at different areas of the market and we kept texting each other our location although the whole thing was not huge). After running around the block she ended up getting famished and decided to hit Reverie Cafe for a lush Salad, I must say I didn’t try anything there but the setting of that garden was so beautiful and I enjoyed a lovely lively conversation with a sweet lady who happened to be a regular customer there and was writing her speech for a big event in that setting.


My sister lived in a very convenient space with B Patisserie right beneath the house, which made waking up to all the yummy smelling baked goods and coffee almost torturous. My favorite there was an almond milk cappuccino that just hits the spot but doesn’t fill you with guilt, at some point I picked a few morning bakes to explore the tastes there so I hit the much raved about Kouign Amann and I must say it lived up to my expectations but to mention and be honest I have to say their sweets are much nicer than their savory creations.


On that afternoon I went hunting for a good cup of coffee and walking around aimlessly for a while got me thinking I should use social media in order to get some directions and there it was the interesting looking account of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, so I followed my instinct and headed there with sure steps. The entrance being small  only made me more curious to what it had inside, I walked in and I was on the phone yet this strange feeling that it would be a good coffee hit me, I put my phone aside and I ordered a cup of black coffee to satisfy my craving. Walking in I saw the design was strangely shocking white almost like a sterile hospital ward but the famous pineapple wallpaper turned that around and made me at ease, the staff  (yes I linked you up here as I promised Brenna) was super polite and once I broke the ice I had a great conversation with the two baristas and the owner who happened to pop by, I must say I had a great afternoon there and would highly recommend it.

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I still had many places to explore and my appetite that evening was calling for something more on the mexican side of cuisines, my sister’s housemate Sam was nice enough to humor me and take me out on a night for tacos at what she described as “reliable tacos and a great atmosphere”, so we headed to Tacolicious , we had a great time, good food and a nice waitress to complete the night.

Next day I had a serious craving for a big breakfast and a good coffee, so I rummaged through the social media sites again to check out another place and I was guided to head to Sweet Maple, I must say it was value for money meal with a lot of flavors and lovely service.


Later on that day I headed to The Mission area and walked around enjoyed the sun and the lovely creative graffiti on the walls, enjoyed going through some antique furniture stores and thrift stores. It was a lot of fun but I needed a coffee to keep me going so as I walked around I came across a place called Samovar, I walked in to find an ultra modern design with  a familiar smell of spices just enough to tackle my curiosity and after chatting to the barista he offered me a sample of their pumpkin chai with different milk bases which was lovely then something else caught my eyes, the dessert small fridge in the front, so I took a plunge and ordered a bite of a dessert that did not taste as good as it looked.



A few steps down the road and I found what I was looking for Four Barrel Coffee place which immediately struck me as the place for my much needed coffee cup, on the left I noticed something called (the slow coffee bar) so walked up to it and began to explore with the help of a great barista different kinds of coffee from around the world and how each of them can give you a different finishing taste, I must say if you have time at hand you would enjoy this experience a lot and find it very informative.

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As I left the place and walked further down the road I found a small gem called Mission Cheese which looks like absolute heaven to cheese lovers like me. After a chat with the staff and some tasting here and there I was truly won by their cheesy sense of humor and cute wall drawings.


“Let It Brie”


As my sister finished her work she called me up to join her for a light dinner so we headed to Green Heart Foods so we went into the place that looked a lot like an open back area of a restaurant, almost industrial but with a light spirit, I ordered a veggies soup and was good but felt like I wasn’t so hungry to finish the whole thing, but the plate looked so cute I had to take a picture of it.


After all that we went home to rest and then I was invited out for a lovely catching up session with a relative of mine who happens to also live in SF and since the sister was busy we headed out for some all American creation for a gourmet burger. We walked to a place nearby called ROAM, after staring at that menu for a while with all the interesting items I decided to try something I’ve never tried before and went for the Bison meat burger and a mixture of different fries, the burger itself was tasty and not very fatty which made it more enjoyable, and as for the  fries the zucchini and sweet potatoes were yummy and crunchy worth every bite.

o (1) o

Waking up in a sweet breakfast mode isn’t easy to tackle for someone like me who doesn’t like things too sweet or deep fried. My sister and I decided it’s time to try JANE, we head there and it was packed with a long line but the process seemed to go fairly quick as they are really organized. I ordered the figs and walnut bread with ricotta cheese and honey. To my pleasant surprise it was crunchy, creamy and subtly sweet to perfection (I must say I did order extra jam and some honey to try on different sides). All in all it was a great experience and I would recommend that loaf of bread to anyone.

Later on that day we went to explore the public library and I was quite impressed with what it offers from book collections, kids area for reading and even small meditation sessions (I went on and attended the session that was happening, it was simply calming and much needed). Out of the library and willing to grab a special lunch as it started to drizzle over our heads I headed to Rosamunde Sausage Grill and my oh my what a lovely experience that was, the person behind the counter was a very polite young man who knew exactly how to do his job. I ordered a duck sausage and a wild boar sausage, then as per the ritual around there I headed to the bar next door called Toronado to get the beer match made in heaven for what I ordered. I sat there and got myself a pint of dark beer, the taste of the sausage and that beer still mingles in my taste buds memory till this day. I met a lot of lovely people and enjoyed a great time.



After all that eating I met with my sister again and it was time for a caffeine hit and my sister decided to take me to The Blue Bottle  I grabbed it and chit chat to the baristas for a bit as they prepared the other coffee orders, the coffee was light bodied and a bit acidic but nice. I enjoyed it while the sun warmed me up. I must say it was an awesome day all together.


I could say these experiences were the most remarkable but there were places that are worth mentioning like Plow breakfast place, the amazing pizza at The Mill Coffee place (only served once a week), awesome space called Cafe Trieste where the original The God Father movie was written and Sightglass Coffee Roasters which had a stunning industrial coffee house design.



Have a Great Day San Francisco Lovers….



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