Table Etiquette


No doubt about it that we usually fall into the trap of what to put where on the table and it sort of creates this dilemma for any host, but imagine if you go to a restaurant and get mixed up with your cutlery! Is it your fault? Or is it a common service setting mistake? I looked all over the place and found some lovely resources to benefit everyone on that subject so apparently there is a formal setting and an informal setting for the table as you would have less courses in the informal. 


That was hopefully very helpful for many, but what about the codes that were very common in the service culture that we barely pay attention to these day. What does every placement of our cutlery in the plate after finishing means? It seems very funny that most of us just leave the cutlery randomly in the plate after finishing the meal. 


Now that we had a mini session of  table etiquette, I cannot wait to tackle other issues concerning the culinary culture and the beauty of its meanings.original_nicole-hill-gerulat-spring-summer-table-setting_s3x4_lg


Loving Wishes For Brilliant Meals Ahead


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