Tapas Night

On a Monday night with your friends or even your special someone it sometimes goes into a drag looking for somewhere with a different something to satisfy all tastes. I found a place that I highly personally recommend. Grand Hyatt Amman has managed to capture my heart with their Tapas Night; wine from a different country each month along with a full buffet of cold cuts and cheeses to die for, the wine of the night I was there was Lebanese Ksara wine and it is a beautiful collection. You think at first it’s just a regular cheese and wine experience then you discover that it’s an experience you will cherish and enjoy while you listen to the tunes of a live band with lovely classic songs. The Tapas Night doesn’t just stop at cold cuts and cheeses but there is also a station for light italian ¬†cuisine and lovely grilled salmon that would just enhance your experience further. I think I am done doing the talk and will let you see my photos on the night




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