ازكى اشي بالدنيا The “Azkadenya” Experience

My first visit to this place was rather impulsive and out of the blue, arriving from a trip abroad and in search of a warm meal to enjoy with friends, I was happy to go try a new venue as usual. Have you ever entered a place and felt like you walked into a TV screen from the past? That is how I feel every time I enter to “Azkadenya”, the visuals are so enticing you cannot help but look for all new quotes, twists and turns on everything and everywhere around you.

Flirtatious words and old proverbs are covering almost everything you use; plates, napkins, bowls, sugar packs and even place mats, and all other surfaces that keep your eyes wandering about while you await your original meal to arrive. Going through the menu, you notice many familiar items yet many others that have been altered and twisted to suite the theme of this amazing place.

Ordering the mixed mezze will give you a chance to try their magnificent pink hummus and more creative small dishes so you would have more space to order other yummy mezze items. Of the things I love most is pomegranate molasses and they have certainly won my heart with their mini sujok drizzled with it. I would have to say their tabbouleh is quite tasty but sometimes I wonder if  the tomatoes are less or replaced by pomegranate (a recipe of mine) it would taste amazing. As for main meals I cannot begin to describe their chicken fatteh (mainly garlic yogurt, chicken, pine nuts, bread) done to perfection, tasting their other fukhara options have always been successful but what stands out the most is their shrimp fukhara with sensational lemony mushrooms.

I would have to say the food there is quite light and the whole atmosphere is just mere entertaining. To finish your meal there you would have to promise to try the most amazing Osmalyeh, I cannot deny the fact that I don’t usually go for desserts but the lightness and not so sweet taste gives a perfect finishing tone to the sensational dinner (to testify I brought a foreign business guest and he managed to polish the plate clean after telling me he is totally full).

All in all I can say that Azkadenya has managed to capture my interest for light meals with friends for its lively environment and certainly creative setting. In hopes for the future to have totally smoke free areas in the restaurant to enjoy a more healthy atmosphere longer. Visiting again is no question as this place has a definite original charm.


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