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Beef Chilli Recipe

Beef Chilli

Some of us wake up craving sweets and sugar but others seem to be my likes in cravings that revolve around salty and meaty stuff. Today’s craving is meaty beef chilli with perhaps some crispy nachos or toasted pitta bread pieces to dip it into.   Beef Chilli Ingredients ½ Kilo of coarse ground beef […]

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Banoffee Pie Recipe

Banoffee Pie

Upon demand and several requests by people after today’s radio show episode, I have decided to give in and write this post to guide the making of this super rich super sinful pie the banoffee pie.   Banoffee Pie Ingredients 100 g Melted Butter 250 g Crushed Digestive Biscuits 100 g Butter (For the caramel)

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Banana muffins recipe

Banana Muffins

Sitting in bed feeling redundant, decided to make myself useful and make something sweet for the family to enjoy in this snowy weather. Surfed the net for a while and my eyes wandered toward a few recipes for “Banana Muffins”, I have always wondered if these can be made nicely from scratch. I grabbed a

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Baked Camembert Cheese

Baked Camembert Cheese

The French week in Jordanian restaurants has just begun and I cannot remove the thought of testing and tasting out of my head! I want to try the recipes that are on and enjoy a bit of France in my convenient little Amman. French cuisine had always attracted me since my visit to France in

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