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On a swift trip to the United States, my taste buds were yearning to explore and wander in taste all over the new area. The city of choice was Santa Barbara, what a calm beauty and beautiful weather it was. The whole atmosphere calls you to relax, soak in the sun and enjoy an array of colourful, bursting with flavor meals.

There was a special kind of joy to wander around State Street just aimlessly watching people pass by or run their errands, but as lunch time came close I was getting hungry and I had heard of a burger joint with a very special menu called “Eureka!”








Wandering in I was faced with a busy buzzing place, full of people who are enjoying a pint of fresh cold beer and some bruger of their choice watching one of the big World Cup games. Finding a place to sit was pretty set since there was only one sofa seat free, feeling lucky I sat down and decided to make myself comfy and wait for my soon to come menu and recommendations.

My server was absolutely attentive and explained to me the whole concept of their beer collection. Eureka has a unique concept of having guest beers around for a “Keg” amount of time and when that finishes they replace it with another in season, of course there is the set bar usuals but the seasonal beer has its own list for anyone to explore.

The menu is pretty brief and straight to the point, wings, salads, burgers and accessories of that. One thing caught my eye and I could not get myself not to try, truffle sauce. I ordered a regular burger and added some bacon to that, a side of fresh house fries and some truffle sauce to accompany that.

It wasn’t long before my server popped back with my order which was something I was very pleased with (since I was hungry), the size of the burger sort of intimidated me but it was surely tasty but to be honest I guess some ingredients would be best if thinner to make it easier to grab and enjoy without dripping everywhere (specially tomatoes and sauce). The truffle sauce was pretty intense and the fries were truly a delight.

All in all I would highly recommend that you visit Eureka at least once if you are visiting Santa Barbara, as I happened to visit for a second time after a few days and also tried their “naked” version of their burgers without the bun.

I had such a lovely time exploring the rest of SB after that and had such amazing meals that I cannot wait to share with all of you. Tip, recommendations and notes for you to explore.

Loving Wishes To All




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