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40+ Places Open in Ramadan (Daytime)

A lot of my expat friends in Amman sent me messages prior to the Holy Month Of Ramadan and asked if they can go anywhere to have a bite in any place out. To help them out and give them a chance to view a full list of what places are open during the day in Ramadan:

1- Books@Cafe

Abdoun Branch: 10 am – 10 pm

Serves alcohol?: No

Jabal Amman Branch: 9 am – 12 am (midnight)

Serves alcohol?: Yes

2- Blue Fig – Abdoun 

3- Buffalo Wings & Rings 

Abdoun Branch: 12pm- 3am

Jabal Amman Branch: 12pm- 4am

Khalda Branch: 12pm- 3am

Dead Sea Branch: 12pm- 12am

4- Caffe Strada 

5Cattleman Joe’s 

12pm- 4am

6- Zorba Downtown 

1pm- 3am

7- Little Italy Pizzeria 

11am- 3am

8- Majnoon Qahwa 

Abdoun Branch 12pm- 12am

Taj Lifestyle Branch 10am-2:30am

9- Mind Hub Cafe

10- Seed

11- Shams El Balad

9am- 10:30pm

12- Wild Jordan

13- Crumz

8:30am- 11:30pm

14- Fatty Dabs Burger Shack 

12pm- 3am

15- Heroes Burgers & Wings

5th Circle Branch starting 3rd day of Ramadan

16- Cafe Gourmand 

17- Fann wa Chai

18- Casper & Gambini’s 

19- Turtle Green Tea Bar

20- Moka Cafe

21- Spago Restaurant 

22- Arriba 

23- Yoshi 

24- Kepi 

25- Lucca Restaurant

26- Ren Chai

27- Pie Crust 

28- Kababji

29- The Living Room 

30- Vintage 

31- Trattoria

32- Murphys 

33- Cafe De Paris 

34- The Nub 

35- Chestnut 

36- Maestro

37- Sekrab 

38- The Good Pub

39- Rovers Return

40- La Calle 

41- FishFace 

42- Kegs 

43- Bonita 

44- MIST

All Day Happy Hour 1pm- 12am

45- Caesars Restaurant and Lounge 

4pm- 12am

If you happen to know more of these places the list is ready to be updated accordingly.


Caramelized Thoughts Fourth Year


4 Years Ago The Journey Began… Still going strong! Stay tuned For What is New From

10 Things A New Food Blogger Should Know


The decision to start blogging about food should really come from passion and lots of dedication. For those who are about to embark on this journey I would say there are main 10 things you should keep in mind:

1- Your recipes should be ones you have tried and tested and never ones you copy from other sites.


2- Recipes should be simple and easy to follow in sequence.

3- Your credibility is part of your brand reputation, when you write about restaurants make sure you know their quality and can actually vouch for them, one time experiences cannot be the judge for any culinary experience.

4- If you smoke, you probably do not have fresh taste buds and most of your tasting would be of only sharp tastes, while the subtle flavors completely surpass you (My advice quit smoking before you blog about food coz you frankly can’t taste food)


5- If you use ingredients that not many people can find abundantly, put alternatives that do not affect the recipes.

6- You will receive many treats to try out and test, make sure you deliver the actual experience and not feel obliged to say nice stuff just to keep people happy (this follows point 3)


7- You will be known for what you post, take a line of food blogging and stick to it to keep your image clearly unique to your audience.

8- Use your social media platforms to spread your posts to as many people as you can (Don’t forget the hashtags)


9- Keep up with what is new on the world food trends and try to see if you can follow that for the day on your blog or others social media channels


10- When you go to try all that nice food remember, a bite of the right dish is better than a pile of a dish not worth it, don’t feel obliged to finish your plates when you are tasting you can even ask for a sampling portion which would keep your figure and taste palate entertained!


Happy Blogging!

Tkiyet Um Ali- Food For Thought


World Food Day, It’s one of these days that you pause at the word “Hunger” as some of us would never believe it exists anymore and that some people do not have the privilege of having a decent nutritious meal during the day/s due to being poor.

Hunger is spread all over the world and still manifests badly in every continent, yet we all have an option to turn a blind eye to the facts or move and do something about it. In my pursuit for an answer I turned to see my local Hunger Fighting Entity otherwise known as “Tkiyet Um Ali”.

Once you look for a short bio you would find “To feed & sustain underprivileged citizens all year long through the provision of “#FoodforLife” while guiding them towards long term self-sustaining solutions” on their twitter account which leads you to want to know more and more and learn how it all goes down.

Luckily everything “Tkiyet Um Ali” does is out for the public to explore and you are always a phone call away from any piece of information you need about their work. Started in 2003 under HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein as the first initiative fighting hunger in Jordan, as it was the first NGO to supply hot meals and supplies to the poor and those in need.

So “Tkiyet Um Ali” has a main goal which is working towards Jordan with no one suffering from hunger. What makes this NGO special is that you would know 100% of what you give is going directly to the beneficiaries and does not take cuts away for the administration. Working with various local NGOs who have similar goals and standards in the process of choosing the families to benefit, which is later on followed by “Tkiyet Um Ali” in order to insure that everything is being delivered to the beneficiaries.

Their food support program covers 18,300 families and they aspire to push that number to 20,000 monthly. The food package contains 22 kinds and insures full nutritional value. On the other hand, there are always passersby who are in need of a hot meal and they serve around 400 individuals daily. While during the month of Ramadan they open their doors to almost 1500 individuals.

I happened to volunteer a few times in Ramadan over the past two years and to my absolute privilege I got to be part of the action and part of this noble cause. You can say after experiencing things first hand you tend to keep tweeting for that cause.


As you can see this entity has worked hard to grow a great reputation and stay on track with its services which makes me proud to be Jordanian. Helping out these people would be as simple as buying the monthly package for a family throughout the year or more than just that and so many different ways but I will link you up to learn more on your own:

Phone number: +962 6 490 0900

It is the ugly truth but absolute poverty in Jordan has hit the 14.4% of its people. I think it’s time to make a difference; it is time to support the cause.


NB: I wrote this article solemnly out of my own support to this entity and it is not by any means sponsored.

2015 Food Trends

According to the site there will be a trend for food 2015/2016 that will take over. What do you think about that?


2 Years Blogging

It has been an amazing two years thank you so much for following this blog. I promise to keep bringing you great recipes and more! 

Culinary German Week

Some of our local hotels tend to celebrate different cultures throughout their culinary outlets, but every now and then we get an astonishing elaborate festivity that highlights a certain cuisine. I heard about a German week of culinary perfection starting up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Amman and I decided that I definitely should be part of that event. After realizing that the German ambassador himself will be doing the cooking, it was set. I went and as any foodie would be awaiting to explore and see what is offered.

As soon as you get in you are welcomed by the calming sound of  the harp with soft music being played. Lead to the table and offered some lovely german beer was a great kick off for the evening. The setting is really inviting to go around and try the different tastes and bites here and there, so for starters I wanted to experiment with cold cuts and a light salad which had been put out in an inviting way cut at your order by the station chef.



Fresh bread station with whole grain bread loaves and fresh baked goods. The main dishes station was busy where the ambassador and the visiting chef Axel were whipping up great dishes for everyone to enjoy.



As for the main dish I went for a mixture of salt crusted rib eye beef, bratwurst sausages, Sauerkraut and beef with red currant sauce accompanied with a lovely multi grain bread slice. 









To finish off that beautiful meal was a variety of desserts that would just complete your gastronomical adventure. A lovely almond cake filled with a yummy custard (I sincerely do not know the name of it)



I suggest you get your chance to indulge in this absolute culinary experience that is totally worth every bite.


Caramelized Thoughts In Media Again



Gulf Food Exhibition

Gulf Food Exhibition

EC Women E-Magazine

EC Women E-Magazine

A phone call and a long chat about the blog with a local reporter about the progress of my food blog resulted in an amazing article in the local newspaper Alghad  I was totally excited and happy about it. I would like to thank Ghaida Hammoudeh for the brilliant work she has done to describe the achievements of Caramelized Thoughts as a blog and my progress as a Jordanian blogger.

.أود ان اشكر الصحفيه اللامعة غيداء حموده على المقال الرائع عن أفكار من كاراميل في صحيفة الغد يوم الأربعاء الماضي وعن انجازاته في المنطقة

Caramelized Thoughts In Local Media


Working on a food blog where by people won’t stop asking to try your food, you end up participating in a local festival for innovative ideas and do events that everyone enjoys!

Follow the links below to see the photos:

In Magazines 

At The New Think Festival 

It has been so much fun interacting with people and seeing the way everyone has their own way in dealing with food and everything else is connected to it.

Loving Wishes To All


First Fundraising Event In Support Of LH4Cancer Campaign

The First Fundraising Event Slip

I am not a chef but wanted to share my passion with people and arranged this cooking class to manage and collect donations for a brilliant cause. You can check the their website for more details.

You can check the rest of the photos from the cooking class on