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Warak enab dawali recipe

Warak Enab ( Dawali )

In the past, Warak Enab ( Dawali )dish was a collaborative work between the ladies of the family, who would have been living together in the same extended family home, but life has changed and times are different. The Warak Enab ( Dawali ) dish is a nightmare to every lady in the region as …

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Roasted lamb leg recipe

Roasted Lamb Leg

Special occasions are coming up one after the other soon and thinking of a special dish to serve your loved ones is certainly puzzling sometimes. I remember being in university and my sister had just started studying too, when she would decide to visit Canterbury all the way from Sheffield she would call two days …

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The Moroccan Lamb Tagine

The Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Moroccan cuisine tends to give me the feel for the month of Ramadan any day of the year, but when cooked during that holy month it gives warmth and a beautiful atmosphere of perfection for the theme. You cook the Moroccan Lamb Tagine for a long time and it turns out all worth it as …

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TSO Chicken

TSO Chicken

While at the office you tend to get a lot of cravings as you would be consuming a lot of energy working out your tasks, so the TSO chicken dish pops in mind as a mixture of both healthy and sinful.   TSO Chicken Ingredients 500 grams of Chicken Breast 1 Cup Cornstarch 1 Tsp. …

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Beef Chilli Recipe

Beef Chilli

Some of us wake up craving sweets and sugar but others seem to be my likes in cravings that revolve around salty and meaty stuff. Today’s craving is meaty beef chilli with perhaps some crispy nachos or toasted pitta bread pieces to dip it into.   Beef Chilli Ingredients ½ Kilo of coarse ground beef …

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