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The Irish Stew Recipe

The Irish Stew

It is 1 pm and I’m sitting at my favorite place in Amman to chill out and have a sip of tea and just thinking what should I have for lunch? I bet most of you wonder the same thing around this time of the day. In Amman, lunch is the main meal and the […]

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Spicy tomato chicken stew recipe

Spicy Tomato Chicken Stew

A while back I was reminiscing on my old university years and the number of housemates I shared my life with at that time. One crossed my mind more lately, a sweet African lady who taught me how to make really nice spicy chicken stew served with chapati bread (it’s a flat bread that they

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The Pumpkin Soup

The Pumpkin Soup

Basically got home super tired and in need of soup to warm me and fill me up too. I had previously purchased a massive pumpkin and used some of it in my beef stew, so with what was left over I decided roasting it to make a snack would be great after a few bites

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