Good Goes American



Country Music
Steak Variety 
Side Dishes Galore 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to what I would call a night of steak, music and great company an experience worth . I arrived at Grand Hyatt Amman and did not know what was waiting for me. I walk into 32 north restaurant to be welcomed by the team working that night all dressed up in western country  theme.



The meat station has all what your stomach could year for from tenderloin to t-bone to ribeye cuts to satisfy your meat cravings. Then to give you a welcome and a good wait while your steak grills to perfection as per your order, there is the station with ribs, brisket, mash, corn, spinach and cream and not to forget the salad station with refreshing bites.


20160922_201005 (2)

All in all it is an experience worth trying out. I would say bring on the Beef!


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