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After work and in need of a warm hearty meal, I head out of my office to remember that invite to try the latest promotion from Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel. Grain and Grass, a combination of imported top class meat from The Meat Master and a local brilliant beer to wash it down. I head there expecting a regular set up but to my surprise they have managed to flip their regular Asian food venue into a new and brilliant American style venue with a twist. There is a balcony with all sorts of drinks and Carakale beer stand, on the inside you have a fridge of wonders, filled with different types of salads ranging from cobb salad to pomelo with shrimps and even Thai beef (a refreshing necessity I must say).

The dishes varied from beef cheeks to skewers with an amazing fried rice with a beautiful sauce. The beef curry was a totally soft and delicious combo (but I must say I love it a bit thicker sauce though with all the dishes I needed to try it was better that way). The burgers were so tasty, the chicken, ribs and beef with what I can say a hint of truffle if I’m not mistaken an absolute delish. I would say going to visit this event while it lasts is a must between 6th and 9th of April.

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