‘Il Terrazzo’ Experience


On a lovely evening walking into the Marriott Amman craving something new I decide to explore their new renovated Italian restaurant Il Terrazzo. I got there and was pleasantly welcomed by the hostess and ushered to my table. The interior of the restaurant is a totally different concept to the typical Italian theme; it is a mixture of neutral colors and a view of the open kitchen that has a warm ambiance shining through. The menu gives you a feel of the roman empire as it is carefully designed with a metallic olive branch on top to compliment the whole theme.

The variety of the menu was quite interesting but we waited for the waiter to come over and see what is there as a special of the day. The waiter had such a great knowledge of the menu and even the respective drinks to match. He recommended a few dishes then gave us time to think of what we crave.


We picked the poached pears salad with truffle oil and upon the waiter recommendation a rich burrata with some fava beans as a starter, for the first course we were very intrigued to try several dishes so we ordered a ravioli with spinach and ricotta as well as a cappellaci and a risotto with asparagus. As for the second course we ordered the tenderloin with foie gras and some truffles as well as a sirloin steak with a fresh rocket salad on top.

The dishes started arriving and oh my what an experience, the service was immaculate and the food was just as pleasurable. All I could say was the experience was definitely one to repeat often and enjoy. I will leave you with the photos as I believe they speak louder than my words.





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