You walk around in Weibdeh area in Amman and enjoy the culture everywhere, it is one of the oldest areas in town. The small shops by the locals is what gives the area its’ beauty and amazing setting to those visiting. Nestled in small corner in Weibdeh a small restaurant called “Oliva” that serves by far the tastiest pizza I had around.

The story begins soon as you get in, as you are faced with an open kitchen that lets you see all being done. Lovely fresh tomato sauce with a special kick that you would never find anywhere else. The flavors burst into a wide palate, from anchovies, veggies to special salami pizza and more. Their pasta is made in house which is a totally different level of yumminess since it’s freshly done day to day basis, with a mixture of flavors be it pesto, alfredo or bolognese, it would always manage to satisfy your comfort food cravings.

Indulgent maybe but certainly worth the bite, in such a small place you end up falling in love with the italian cuisine, yet you know it’s definitely local to the core. The meal doesn’t end there, but you can also savor a lovely warm cup of a special blend tea that you can only find in “Oliva” and for those in love with coffee you can also enjoy your cup of illy espresso to finish the meal with the tone you desire.

All in all I could say that this place sets you off on journey of passion, and warmth that spreads from the inside out to make you even fall in love with Weibdeh over and over again.

Warm Loving Wishes To All

NB: The photos I have uploaded are taken from Olivas Facebook Page

Tiny Update: Sometimes I wish places keep their original recipes but then you find they all change and lose their originality, I wish they kept the first one



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