A lot of my expat friends in Amman sent me messages prior to the Holy Month Of Ramadan and asked if they can go anywhere to have a bite in any place out. To help them out and give them a chance to view a full list of what places are open during the day in Ramadan:

1- [email protected]

Abdoun Branch: 10 am – 10 pm

Serves alcohol?: No

Jabal Amman Branch: 9 am – 12 am (midnight)

Serves alcohol?: Yes

2- Blue Fig – Abdoun 

3- Buffalo Wings & Rings 

Abdoun Branch: 12pm- 3am

Jabal Amman Branch: 12pm- 4am

Khalda Branch: 12pm- 3am

Dead Sea Branch: 12pm- 12am

4- Caffe Strada 

5Cattleman Joe’s 

12pm- 4am

6- Zorba Downtown 

1pm- 3am

7- Little Italy Pizzeria 

11am- 3am

8- Majnoon Qahwa 

Abdoun Branch 12pm- 12am

Taj Lifestyle Branch 10am-2:30am

9- Mind Hub Cafe

10- Seed

11- Shams El Balad

9am- 10:30pm

12- Wild Jordan

13- Crumz

8:30am- 11:30pm

14- Fatty Dabs Burger Shack 

12pm- 3am

15- Heroes Burgers & Wings

5th Circle Branch starting 3rd day of Ramadan

16- Cafe Gourmand 

17- Fann wa Chai

18- Casper & Gambini’s 

19- Turtle Green Tea Bar

20- Moka Cafe

21- Spago Restaurant 

22- Arriba 

23- Yoshi 

24- Kepi 

25- Lucca Restaurant

26- Ren Chai

27- Pie Crust 

28- Kababji

29- The Living Room 

30- Vintage 

31- Trattoria

32- Murphys 

33- Cafe De Paris 

34- The Nub 

35- Chestnut 

36- Maestro

37- Sekrab 

38- The Good Pub

39- Rovers Return

40- La Calle 

41- FishFace 

42- Kegs 

43- Bonita 

44- MIST

All Day Happy Hour 1pm- 12am

45- Caesars Restaurant and Lounge 

4pm- 12am

If you happen to know more of these places the list is ready to be updated accordingly.


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