San Francisco in a Bite

A quick plan and a few recommendations online by a travel/food bloggers; I head to my destination of choice San Francisco. After 21 hours of travel and a long wait to get there, I arrived to SFO on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Excited and met by my sister (moved there a few weeks prior to my visit) we head out to grab lunch after the horrors of the 12 hours flight food. First stop was “Souvla” a quick bite a crunchy fresh green salad with grilled pork loin that was just what I needed to feel finally settled on ground, the taste was a lovely mixture of greens that are dressed in a light creamy sauce and the smoky tasting pork loin that was done to perfection. After that we head out for a walk and struggling to fight the jet lag I decided that I should have a big cup of coffee to stay up and awake till night comes along. We get to a lovely area called Hayes Valley with a few open booths my legs walked me up to “Ritual Roasters” where I indulged in a cup of Guatemalan coffee with notes ranging from hibiscus to a mixture of berries and cherries, it was a light brew with a slight acidic finish. What was quite funny is that the barista immediately picked up on the fact that I have a direct connection to food industry due to my detailed questions (eeek guilty as charged, but in my defense I was jetlagged).

At night my body decided that I should have something to help me not get sick, I chose to have some fresh Ramen with all the yummy vegetables and hot soup to prevent that tickling in my throat to go any further. We headed to a place in Japan Town called “Waraku” (I know Jordanians reading this now will have a smile curl at the side of their mouths). The soup was pretty hot with a medley of different types of ingredients, yet it was not the Ramen I was used to with a bigger portion of fresh veggies.

First morning I “Ubered” myself to a place that has been raved about a lot for breakfast, a place called “MyMy” a tiny place on the corner of California and Larkin Street. The host was prompt to seat me and offer me coffee, I have already scanned the menu on my way yet I still explored plates served around me. My plate arrived and I could not wait to dig in, there was a twist to the hash brown by making it paper thin and the base for the main ordered. Mine was an eggs benedict made just to perfection with some spinach and Parma ham as well as a light hollandaise sauce that complement each other in amazing harmony. The prices are San Francisco average and I would say it is a must visit.

My next culinary adventure was heading towards a small Indian restaurant with an authentic feel, for the life of me I have forgotten the name of that place yet, it was a good experience with a nice colorful variety. After resting for a bit, my sister and I planned to watch a new movie “The Intern”, heading to Sundance Kabuki Cinema with one of the most comfortable service ideas in a cinema was giving you the freedom to bring your own food that suits you instead of being limited to what the place offers (mind you also have the option to buy a glass of alcohol if you are over 21 years old). The experience was definitely pleasurable although the place was previously booked full and we had to sit in the front seats which made me cringe at the tickets office as I had the perception that it would not be very comfortable.



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