Southern Italy Comes To Amman


Got invited to try out the italian promotion at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman Vivace Restaurant, and I had no expectations whatsoever because I believe that it does not really matter where you are to get a great meal. I head there and got welcomed with a warm smile and a waiter who knows exactly what the menu is all about, which is something of a rare existence around here. The wine was fruity and just the right tone to set the evening off.

The resident Chef Luca accompanied the Chef Ippazio (Who is visiting for the next couple of weeks) to see what kind of dishes we would like to order and since everyone was very indecisive the Chefs surprised us by a little of everything tasting experience. I have to say some of the dishes just blew my taste palate off with amazing flavors and others were just perfect. All in all this experience is definitely something I would highly recommend. If you ever go there and you are confused with the menu items just ask for the Chef Luca and he surprisingly will speak to you in arabic as he spent quite a while in the middle east region.

I cannot describe the beauty and taste but I can surely share with you my humble phone captures of the evening:


20141123_215332 20141123_212442 20141123_204203 20141123_201438 20141123_20142220141123_194724






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