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10 Things A New Food Blogger Should Know


The decision to start blogging about food should really come from passion and lots of dedication. For those who are about to embark on this journey I would say there are main 10 things you should keep in mind:

1- Your recipes should be ones you have tried and tested and never ones you copy from other sites.


2- Recipes should be simple and easy to follow in sequence.

3- Your credibility is part of your brand reputation, when you write about restaurants make sure you know their quality and can actually vouch for them, one time experiences cannot be the judge for any culinary experience.

4- If you smoke, you probably do not have fresh taste buds and most of your tasting would be of only sharp tastes, while the subtle flavors completely surpass you (My advice quit smoking before you blog about food coz you frankly can’t taste food)


5- If you use ingredients that not many people can find abundantly, put alternatives that do not affect the recipes.

6- You will receive many treats to try out and test, make sure you deliver the actual experience and not feel obliged to say nice stuff just to keep people happy (this follows point 3)


7- You will be known for what you post, take a line of food blogging and stick to it to keep your image clearly unique to your audience.

8- Use your social media platforms to spread your posts to as many people as you can (Don’t forget the hashtags)


9- Keep up with what is new on the world food trends and try to see if you can follow that for the day on your blog or others social media channels


10- When you go to try all that nice food remember, a bite of the right dish is better than a pile of a dish not worth it, don’t feel obliged to finish your plates when you are tasting you can even ask for a sampling portion which would keep your figure and taste palate entertained!


Happy Blogging!

2015 Food Trends

According to the site there will be a trend for food 2015/2016 that will take over. What do you think about that?


2 Years Blogging

It has been an amazing two years thank you so much for following this blog. I promise to keep bringing you great recipes and more! 

Hilton (What’s Your Beef?)

I was sitting at home preparing my trip to the USA and I received an email by Hilton informing me that they would like me to be a judge at their #CareersAtHiltonLive competition. A phone call and a confirmation later I find out I am one of the chosen judges to help out find talented individuals with ideas that are out of the box in cooking an (Oyster Blade Beef Cut).

We met up and looked through the submissions till we found our lucky finalists. We gave them some time to adjust their recipes and figure out their final presentation techniques to meet again and decide the ranking of the winners. The 4 chosen finalists were already winners as three of them would get jobs at the Hilton upcoming facility in the dead sea and the person who gets the highest score would be given a job at Hilton in the UAE.

The competition atmosphere was a great experience for both competitors and judges alike and I will leave you to follow some of the moments I managed to capture:

DSC_1213 DSC_1214 DSC_1215 DSC_1217




Laith Matalka’s Maple Orange Glazed Oyster Blade Steak with Leeks, Mashed Potato, and Thyme Butter Sauteed Vegetables


Laith Matalka’s Maple Orange Glazed Oyster Blade Steak with Leeks, Mashed Potato, and Thyme Butter Sauteed Vegetables


Mousa Abboud’s Braised Beef Oyster Blade with Smoked Potato Puree, Glazed Carrots and Shallots, Coffee Glaze, Pesto


Mousa Abboud’s Braised Beef Oyster Blade with Smoked Potato Puree, Glazed Carrots and Shallots, Coffee Glaze, Pesto


George Siryani’s Blue Cheese Oyster Blade


George Siryani’s Blue Cheese Oyster Blade


Motaz Zayed’s Wagyu Garden Steak


Motaz Zayed’s Wagyu Garden Steak

The competing dishes had the personality of each of the contestants as they explained to us the ingredients and techniques they used in the kitchen, then Chef Austin from Hilton joined us in the judging room and expressed his opinion in each of the students in terms of cooking quality and cleanliness which was a part of the judging categories. All in all I could say each dish had a very strong chance, but in the end one dish creativity stood out as well as it’s design. The Wagyu Garden Steak was an absolute pleasure and very different from the rest as it looked like a bulky piece of meat at first and then you end up surprised that this was a thin layer wrapping up an unexpected bitesized well cooked meat to enjoy.

All in all I could say it was a pleasure being on that team, and I wish all the students good luck in their future career.


Motaz Zayed’s Wagyu Garden Steak (The Top Winner)



Judges Panel With Chef Austin

Beautiful Events Mark Your Memory










 Memories are created by moments we spend in amazing settings with great company and it pushes us to achieve our goals just right. This cook off event was a great success which pushes me to seek more opportunities to create more of that. Caramelized Thoughts is going to push boundaries and create as much as possible for everyone to experience the ultimate food culture and adventure.

To see more of this event please feel free to follow the link into Caramelized Thoughts Facebook Page : 

You are more than welcome to like the page and stay updates with culinary sensations. 
IMG_23746135422673 IMG_23855617155058 IMG_45925678738040


You walk around in Weibdeh area in Amman and enjoy the culture everywhere, it is one of the oldest areas in town. The small shops by the locals is what gives the area its’ beauty and amazing setting to those visiting. Nestled in small corner in Weibdeh a small restaurant called “Oliva” that serves by far the tastiest pizza I had around.

The story begins soon as you get in, as you are faced with an open kitchen that lets you see all being done. Lovely fresh tomato sauce with a special kick that you would never find anywhere else. The flavors burst into a wide palate, from anchovies, veggies to special salami pizza and more. Their pasta is made in house which is a totally different level of yumminess since it’s freshly done day to day basis, with a mixture of flavors be it pesto, alfredo or bolognese, it would always manage to satisfy your comfort food cravings.

Indulgent maybe but certainly worth the bite, in such a small place you end up falling in love with the italian cuisine, yet you know it’s definitely local to the core. The meal doesn’t end there, but you can also savor a lovely warm cup of a special blend tea that you can only find in “Oliva” and for those in love with coffee you can also enjoy your cup of illy espresso to finish the meal with the tone you desire.

All in all I could say that this place sets you off on journey of passion, and warmth that spreads from the inside out to make you even fall in love with Weibdeh over and over again.

Warm Loving Wishes To All

NB: The photos I have uploaded are taken from Olivas Facebook Page

Tiny Update: Sometimes I wish places keep their original recipes but then you find they all change and lose their originality, I wish they kept the first one

Caramelized Thoughts In Media Again



Gulf Food Exhibition

Gulf Food Exhibition

EC Women E-Magazine

EC Women E-Magazine

A phone call and a long chat about the blog with a local reporter about the progress of my food blog resulted in an amazing article in the local newspaper Alghad  I was totally excited and happy about it. I would like to thank Ghaida Hammoudeh for the brilliant work she has done to describe the achievements of Caramelized Thoughts as a blog and my progress as a Jordanian blogger.

.أود ان اشكر الصحفيه اللامعة غيداء حموده على المقال الرائع عن أفكار من كاراميل في صحيفة الغد يوم الأربعاء الماضي وعن انجازاته في المنطقة

Caramelized Thoughts In Local Media


Working on a food blog where by people won’t stop asking to try your food, you end up participating in a local festival for innovative ideas and do events that everyone enjoys!

Follow the links below to see the photos:

In Magazines 

At The New Think Festival 

It has been so much fun interacting with people and seeing the way everyone has their own way in dealing with food and everything else is connected to it.

Loving Wishes To All