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World Food Day, It’s one of these days that you pause at the word “Hunger” as some of us would never believe it exists anymore and that some people do not have the privilege of having a decent nutritious meal during the day/s due to being poor.

Hunger is spread all over the world and still manifests badly in every continent, yet we all have an option to turn a blind eye to the facts or move and do something about it. In my pursuit for an answer I turned to see my local Hunger Fighting Entity otherwise known as “Tkiyet Um Ali”.

Once you look for a short bio you would find “To feed & sustain underprivileged citizens all year long through the provision of “#FoodforLife” while guiding them towards long term self-sustaining solutions” on their twitter account which leads you to want to know more and more and learn how it all goes down.

Luckily everything “Tkiyet Um Ali” does is out for the public to explore and you are always a phone call away from any piece of information you need about their work. Started in 2003 under HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein as the first initiative fighting hunger in Jordan, as it was the first NGO to supply hot meals and supplies to the poor and those in need.

So “Tkiyet Um Ali” has a main goal which is working towards Jordan with no one suffering from hunger. What makes this NGO special is that you would know 100% of what you give is going directly to the beneficiaries and does not take cuts away for the administration. Working with various local NGOs who have similar goals and standards in the process of choosing the families to benefit, which is later on followed by “Tkiyet Um Ali” in order to insure that everything is being delivered to the beneficiaries.

Their food support program covers 18,300 families and they aspire to push that number to 20,000 monthly. The food package contains 22 kinds and insures full nutritional value. On the other hand, there are always passersby who are in need of a hot meal and they serve around 400 individuals daily. While during the month of Ramadan they open their doors to almost 1500 individuals.

I happened to volunteer a few times in Ramadan over the past two years and to my absolute privilege I got to be part of the action and part of this noble cause. You can say after experiencing things first hand you tend to keep tweeting for that cause.


As you can see this entity has worked hard to grow a great reputation and stay on track with its services which makes me proud to be Jordanian. Helping out these people would be as simple as buying the monthly package for a family throughout the year or more than just that and so many different ways but I will link you up to learn more on your own:

Phone number: +962 6 490 0900

It is the ugly truth but absolute poverty in Jordan has hit the 14.4% of its people. I think it’s time to make a difference; it is time to support the cause.


NB: I wrote this article solemnly out of my own support to this entity and it is not by any means sponsored.



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